Improving Sales Script for a

Mobile network retail chain

Increasing the efficiency of sales scripts used by sales assistants to select suitable communication tariffs

The challenge for a large retail network of mobile phone stores was to improve the efficiency of sales scripts used by sales consultants for the selection of suitable telecom tariffs, as standard scripts were yielding ineffective results.

To tackle this challenge, we followed these steps:
  • Selected four points of sale, including stores with high and low sales performance among sellers who use or do not use scripts.
  • Conducted experiments with mystery shoppers and observations at these points of sale to gather insights on sales interactions.
  • Compared sales results at these points of sale to identify patterns and errors in the current sales scripts.

  • Results:
    Our efforts led to the following results:
    • Identified errors in the current standard sales script that were hindering experienced and inexperienced sellers, resulting in repelled customers.
    • Identified common patterns of effective customer interactions at points of sale with the best sales performance.
    • Developed and successfully tested a new, more flexible sales script format that was embraced by both experienced and inexperienced sellers, leading to improved sales performance.  


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